Utah Appliance Replacement Parts and Service

When you need appliance replacement parts and service, you can’t trust just anyone. Household appliances are marvels of modern convenience, but they’re also expensive. Having a major appliance out of commission is more than just inconvenient — it can Appliance Repaircost you money for lost goods as well as repairs. An outage of your refrigerator, for example, can result in hundreds of dollars in spoiled food. In the Salt Lake City area, Complete Appliance Repair and Service is your go-to solution when appliances go on the fritz.

The Importance of Replacement Parts

Replacing broken appliance parts requires training, experience and the knowledge that it’s best to use only parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s standards. If you’ve ever tried a DIY appliance repair, you understand how confusing it can be to identify what’s wrong and what you need to repair it. Complete Appliance’s technicians know how to quickly troubleshoot the problem, but they also have a wealth of parts-supplier resources to help locate and obtain the parts required — even if your appliance is old or obscure. In fact, tracking down hard-to-find parts is their specialty. Every repair call is treated with urgency, ensuring that your problem will be fixed in short order.

But What if My Appliance Can’t Be Repaired?

Have you ever had a stove or washing machine that was beyond repair, the technician throwing his hands up and leaving you with nothing but a bill for the service call? That won’t happen with Complete Appliance Repair and Service. They not only offer parts replacement and repair services, but if there’s just no fixing your machine, they also sell new appliances of all types at competitive prices. If you prefer to go shopping for your new refrigerator or dishwasher yourself, Complete Appliance will be happy to handle the installation for you and guarantee your satisfaction.

Routine Maintenance for All Your Appliances

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and the professionals at Complete Appliance couldn’t agree more. Annual maintenance service can prevent unexpected outages and premature appliance failures. Having regular maintenance service performed on your washing machine, for example, can help prevent catastrophic water damage from broken hoses or failed couplings. The experienced technicians can instruct you in basic DIY maintenance too, helping you save even more.

Your home appliances represent a significant investment. Before you trust their care to just anyone, contact Complete Appliance Service and Repair. As a locally owned family business, they have earned a spotless reputation in the Salt Lake City area. They consider the residents their neighbors and pride themselves on providing a level of service that is unrivaled in their industry. Ongoing training ensures that their technicians are well-versed in the latest technology and safety standards, and they won’t rest until you’re happy with the results. When the unpleasant time comes to seek out appliance replacement parts and repair service, trust your investment to the specialists at Complete Appliance.