Vintage Appliance Repair and Maintenance

Vintage appliance repair is a growing concern for those who collect antique refrigerators, ranges and other classics. Classic and antique appliances are big business in the U.S., and much like classic cars, these historic machines must perform as well as look good. Unlike modern Antique Washing Machineappliances, it may be difficult to locate owner’s manuals, specifications and other manufacturer’s data. Finding replacement parts is even more challenging, as many are no longer made.

Antique Refrigerator Care and Repair

Antique refrigerators and iceboxes are big businesses, with some models selling for upwards of $60,000! Popular brands include Frigidaire, Kelvinator Foodarama, Leonard and the gold standard, the Philco V-Handle. Although some of these classics have been well-maintained over time, others have been left to sit for years or decades in garages, basements or even outdoors. Restored to good condition however, these refrigerators can be exceptionally dependable. Repairs are often as simple as switching out a relay. In a worst-case scenario, vintage refrigerator repair may involve replacing the original cooling unit with a modern version.

Vintage Stove, Oven and Range Maintenance

If you thought the vintage refrigerator prices were high, some classic stoves and ranges sell today for more than $250,000! O’Keefe & Merritt and Magic Chef are two of the most popular types, although Tappan, Gaffer & Sattler, Chambers and Roper also enjoy a devoted following. Most antique stoves are gas, but many of the original 1950s Kelvinator electric stoves are still in operation. The mid-century modern design craze means that colorful vintage cooktops and wall ovens are also gaining popularity. The most common problems with vintage stoves are gas leaks, door closing problems, overheating and trouble with lighting burners. Most of these problems can be repaired or avoided with the help of an expert repair and maintenance service.

Antique Washing Machines

Vintage laundry machines are often repurposed as storage or as cool, retro decorations, but many are still in use for washing clothes. The Lady Kenmore models are arguably the most popular, valued for their amazing colors and durability. Devoted collectors even gather for “wash-in” events, visiting other’s homes to see their classic automatic washers in action! The most common problem with these old gems is rust in tubs and on tension rods. If the machine has been allowed to sit for years, hoses and connectors will also need to be replaced.

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