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How Do Sink/Washing Machine Combo Models Work?

The sink/washing machine combo concept was unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and the idea has taken the world by storm. These groundbreaking top-loader units Sink Washing Machine Combofeature a built-in sink with water jets, eliminating the need for a separate laundry sink.

Most models are also Energy Star certified, so they save energy and utility costs as well as space. If you are in the market for a new washing machine, one of these models may be a solid choice to suit the needs of your family.

Washer Features

Like other new washer models, the combo appliances have the most current technological features, designed to thoroughly and efficiently clean your laundry. Their powerful water jets are effective for quick and deep cleaning, and most can complete a full load cycle within a short time ― about 30 minutes. These models are top loaders that also feature a steam wash cycle, which gently cleans clothes and removes wrinkles.

Even more impressive, most offer an NSF-certified sanitize cycle that can kill germs and remove harmful microorganisms from clothing. Technologically advanced sensors keep laundry loads balanced and reduce vibrations, allowing them to run smoothly and quietly.

About the Sink

Sink/washing machine combo models are designed with a built-in sink at the top. This useful feature allows you to soak and pretreat clothing before running it through a wash cycle. Alongside the sink is a textured washboard, similar to the old-fashioned type, and water jets. Using the washboard, you can easily scrub away stains and hand-wash delicate clothing right in the machine.

Is a Sink/Washing Machine Combo Right for You?

Not every family may need a washer with a built-in sink, as many laundry rooms are already equipped with sinks. But even if you already have a laundry sink, a combo unit may be a smart choice. These models offer a more convenient way to soak and pretreat clothing, and the scrubbing board makes hand-washing comfortable and easy.

If your family tends to get lots of stains on their clothes, or if you frequently hand wash delicate items, you may find this feature to be quite advantageous. And, because these models have other beneficial modern technological features, they can effectively handle all of your other laundry needs too. Currently, these washers are available with either 4.8- or 5.2-cubic-foot capacities, both of which are capable of washing large loads of laundry and even king-sized comforters.

Are you considering purchasing a new washer? Let Complete Appliance Repair help you navigate the confusing process. Serving Bountiful, Utah, and the neighboring communities, we are northern Utah’s premier appliance sales and service provider. Contact us today for more information on the exciting new sink/washing machine combo units.

Convertible Refrigerators: Are They Useful or Just Gimmicky?

Today’s new convertible refrigerators claim to keep more fresh items preserved or store more frozen foods — the choice is yours.Convertible Refrigerator

The commercials for the latest and greatest kitchen appliances appeal to the practical side in all of us, but these high-end features come at an increased cost. However, upon further review of these convertible refrigerator models, it would appear they offer an exceptional level of function and versatility, making them a solid choice for many homeowners.

How do Convertible Refrigerators Work?

Convertible units can function as either a refrigerator or a freezer. With some models, the entire unit changes from one to the other and back again, depending on your needs. Other models feature specific compartments or drawers that convert.

In both types of appliances, conversion is easy — simply push a button. When switching between modes, it does take some time for the appliance to adjust, though. Depending upon the particular model and whether the unit is going from freezer to refrigerator or vice versa, it can take up to 24 hours for a convertible refrigerator to completely transform between modes.

Uses for a Convertible Refrigerator

If you are looking to replace your current refrigerator or invest in an additional stand-alone freezer, you may want to consider purchasing a convertible model for its added flexibility. Use the appliance in refrigerator mode to store extra drinks in the summer, or to hold fresh food platters and catering trays before a big party. Switch the unit or convertible drawer over to freezer mode, and you can stock it with frozen fruits and vegetables and extra meats to take you through winter.

Because convertible refrigerators easily transform into freezer mode, you can take full advantage of sales and purchase frozen foods and meats when they are at the best prices. This also makes tucking away holiday leftovers a breeze.

Effectiveness as Either a Refrigerator or Freezer

In both refrigerator and freezer modes, most convertible units provide reliable temperature control, and most also are energy efficient.

The self-defrosting features in these modern models are highly effective, eliminating the need to perform this chore manually. Units with convertible drawers or compartments have a modern appearance, allowing them to add both function and style to any kitchen.

Models in which the entire unit converts between modes, however, have a plain white box design, the same utilitarian style of most stand-alone freezers. They are more accommodating than many freezers, however, with adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers and moveable door storage. These convertible refrigerators are typically meant to be placed in a basement or garage, for secondary food storage purposes.

If the needs of your household are continually changing, or if you appreciate the flexibility offered by a convertible appliance, one of these units may be a good choice for your family. Contact the experts at Complete Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City for more information and advice on all types of household appliances, including convertible refrigerators.

Great New Dryer Features You Never Knew About

Do you have a new dryer? If not, you might be surprised to learn how far the technology has progressed since your last purchase. These days, choosing a dryer isn’t just about capacity andNew Dryer Features moisture sensors. Those may be important considerations, but the latest clothes dryers incorporate exciting special features that can help you get a lot more out of the appliance. Take a look at some of the interesting features you can find on the most advanced new dryers available today.

Steam and Steam Sanitize Cycles

One of the newest developments in dryer technology, steam cleaning cycles help remove stains and odors from laundry. Have an item of clothing you only wore once? Refresh it and remove wrinkles by running it through the steam cycle — no dragging out that ironing board or clothes refresher spray.

The steam cycle can also be used to launder items that are not suitable for cleaning in the washing machine, such as stuffed toys, duvets and pillows. Some models even have a steam/sanitize setting that can remove germs and bacteria from laundry, a feature useful after someone in the home has been ill or if you’ve been exposed to bedbugs.

Heat Pump Dryers

Interested in saving on energy costs? You might want to consider a heat pump dryer. These models use up to 40 percent less energy than standard Energy Star dryers. Most conventional clothes dryers generate heat through electricity or gas, venting the hot air outside through a hose. With heat pump dryers, however, the hot air isn’t vented outside. Instead, the heat is recaptured, the moisture is removed, and the hot air is pumped back into the dryer. Heat pump technology is the latest cost-effective, energy-saving feature to be introduced.

Drying Cabinets

If you want the gentleness of drying laundry outside on the line with the convenience of using an automatic clothes dryer, consider a drying cabinet. These electronically heated cabinets do not tumble clothes in a drum like traditional dryers. Dryer cabinets have rods and racks inside where you can lay or hang clothing to dry. Available in wall-mounted or floor-standing models, these new dryers are ideal for delicate laundry. They also work well for drying items that are not suitable for a conventional clothes dryer, such as shoes and hats. Dryer cabinets save energy too, as they require less heat than a tumble dryer. The main disadvantage is the extra room required to accommodate the cabinet.

Appliance manufacturers are continually developing new technology, and Complete Appliance Repair would love to tell you more. If you would like more information on any of the latest clothes dryer features, contact us today. Providing the premier appliance sales, installation, maintenance and repair in the Salt Lake City area, we can help you with all of your new dryer needs.

Professional Appliance Installation: An Investment in Safety

If you believe that professional appliance installation is an unnecessary expense, think again. Many people believe that the do-it-yourself approach saves money and time. Wrong! Not onlyAppliance Installation does it endanger you and your family’s safety, you also risk voiding the your appliances’ warranty and damaging them before you ever have a chance to use them. Following are five reasons to call on experienced technicians who have the training, skill and equipment to get your appliances into position, hooked up and ready to use.

Stay Legal

In order to stay within the requirements of building codes and to pass safety inspections, most kitchen appliances require installation by licensed professionals. If the equipment is hard-wired (not connected by cord and plug) or if a gas hookup is needed, a licensed contractor is usually required to do the work. The same is true for appliances like water heaters, dishwashers or refrigerators with ice and water dispensers that have specific plumbing requirements. Most municipalities also require professional installation of any appliances for which a carbon monoxide leak is a risk. Examples include room heaters, furnaces, ranges and water heaters.

Safety First

Even the most ardent do-it-yourselfer doesn’t have all the training that is required to become a certified, licensed plumber, electrician or gas appliance installer. Installing a new appliance usually means dealing with electricity, which poses a real risk for accident and injury, especially if water is involved, and gas leaks can cause significant explosions.

Save Money on Tools

Using the wrong tool can needlesly lengthen installation time and potentially damage your brand-new appliance. Many appliances require a specialty tool or gadget to perform the work correctly. You can buy them, but is it worth it for a tool you will seldom use? Professional appliance installers carry all the tools they need with them.

Save Your Back, Your Floors and Your Walls

To install an appliance, you need to move the heavy piece of equipment into position. Appliances are cumbersome, requiring the right skill to transport without injuring your back, arms, shoulders and knees. If a big appliance slips, you can end up with a broken foot as well as a broken appliance. Installers know how to lift and adjust appliances without hurting themselves.

Moving old appliances out and new ones in can leave gouges and marks on your walls, cabinets and floors. This adds to your investment of time and money, because then you must repair or replace sections of flooring, drywall, cabinetry or paint. Installers have the proper dollies and other equipment to get awkward-shaped appliances where they belong. They have experience maneuvering them so they avoid damage to your floors, walls and other surfaces.

Don’t complicate your life by trying to do installations that are beyond your skill set. Stay safe, meet building codes, keep your floors in good condition and save money with professional appliance installation. Complete Appliance Repair specializes in new appliance installation in Utah. Contact them today to discuss all of your sales, repair, maintenance and appliance installation needs.

New Kitchen Appliances Trend: Built-In Coffee Makers

Built-in Coffee MakerNew kitchen appliances are helping consumers become more streamlined and
clutter-free, and built-in coffee makers are at the forefront of that trend. They’ve been
popular in Europe for years and are now making a splash in the United States. A
one-stop coffee shop in your own kitchen, these machines are all the rage today.
They’re convenient, easy to use and quickly becoming affordable. Read on for all you
need to know about integrated brew systems!

What Do They Do?

Built-in coffee systems are intended to be installed almost anywhere in your kitchen,
utilizing the existing plumbing and electrical sources there. They are designed with
convenience and usability in mind, as well as décor. The systems won’t take up space
on your kitchen counter and they make you the perfect cup o’ joe every time. Many
models have self-cleaning features as well, so be warned that you just may fall in love
with your new built-in coffee maker.

Why They Are Great

Many of these systems include bean grinders with different settings as well as adjustable
dispensers that accommodate a range of cup and carafe sizes. They even have multiple
spouts, to allow more than one drink to be made at once. Plus, it’s a cup of java
completely tailored to your own tastes every single time. A wide range of coffee systems
is available today, in a variety of price ranges. Most are self-cleaning and, following the
“smart home” trend, some can even be controlled by mobile devices. They can produce
hot and cold beverages, from traditional coffee to espresso to iced coffee. It’s like having
your own, private, automated barista, right in your kitchen! And, unlike the countertop
one-cup systems, these appliances are designed with the environment in mind, saving
both water and electricity.

How Are They Installed?

Built-in coffee makers attach directly to your plumbing or to a water reserve. This makes
them extremely versatile because they can be installed almost anywhere, including the
bedroom or family room. It’s important to note that installing these appliances is not a
do-it-yourself project. You won’t find any tips on Pinterest to install your own with leftover
wine bottles, brown paper bags and craft glue – and if you do, don’t try it! You need a
professional to get this job done right.

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, the pros at Complete Appliance Repair are here to
help. They can assist you in choosing the model to best suit your needs, and they have
the expert knowledge and know-how to install your coffee maker or any new kitchen