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How Do Sink/Washing Machine Combo Models Work?

The sink/washing machine combo concept was unveiled at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and the idea has taken the world by storm. These groundbreaking top-loader units Sink Washing Machine Combofeature a built-in sink with water jets, eliminating the need for a separate laundry sink.

Most models are also Energy Star certified, so they save energy and utility costs as well as space. If you are in the market for a new washing machine, one of these models may be a solid choice to suit the needs of your family.

Washer Features

Like other new washer models, the combo appliances have the most current technological features, designed to thoroughly and efficiently clean your laundry. Their powerful water jets are effective for quick and deep cleaning, and most can complete a full load cycle within a short time ― about 30 minutes. These models are top loaders that also feature a steam wash cycle, which gently cleans clothes and removes wrinkles.

Even more impressive, most offer an NSF-certified sanitize cycle that can kill germs and remove harmful microorganisms from clothing. Technologically advanced sensors keep laundry loads balanced and reduce vibrations, allowing them to run smoothly and quietly.

About the Sink

Sink/washing machine combo models are designed with a built-in sink at the top. This useful feature allows you to soak and pretreat clothing before running it through a wash cycle. Alongside the sink is a textured washboard, similar to the old-fashioned type, and water jets. Using the washboard, you can easily scrub away stains and hand-wash delicate clothing right in the machine.

Is a Sink/Washing Machine Combo Right for You?

Not every family may need a washer with a built-in sink, as many laundry rooms are already equipped with sinks. But even if you already have a laundry sink, a combo unit may be a smart choice. These models offer a more convenient way to soak and pretreat clothing, and the scrubbing board makes hand-washing comfortable and easy.

If your family tends to get lots of stains on their clothes, or if you frequently hand wash delicate items, you may find this feature to be quite advantageous. And, because these models have other beneficial modern technological features, they can effectively handle all of your other laundry needs too. Currently, these washers are available with either 4.8- or 5.2-cubic-foot capacities, both of which are capable of washing large loads of laundry and even king-sized comforters.

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