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New Kitchen Appliances Trend: Built-In Coffee Makers

Built-in Coffee MakerNew kitchen appliances are helping consumers become more streamlined and
clutter-free, and built-in coffee makers are at the forefront of that trend. They’ve been
popular in Europe for years and are now making a splash in the United States. A
one-stop coffee shop in your own kitchen, these machines are all the rage today.
They’re convenient, easy to use and quickly becoming affordable. Read on for all you
need to know about integrated brew systems!

What Do They Do?

Built-in coffee systems are intended to be installed almost anywhere in your kitchen,
utilizing the existing plumbing and electrical sources there. They are designed with
convenience and usability in mind, as well as décor. The systems won’t take up space
on your kitchen counter and they make you the perfect cup o’ joe every time. Many
models have self-cleaning features as well, so be warned that you just may fall in love
with your new built-in coffee maker.

Why They Are Great

Many of these systems include bean grinders with different settings as well as adjustable
dispensers that accommodate a range of cup and carafe sizes. They even have multiple
spouts, to allow more than one drink to be made at once. Plus, it’s a cup of java
completely tailored to your own tastes every single time. A wide range of coffee systems
is available today, in a variety of price ranges. Most are self-cleaning and, following the
“smart home” trend, some can even be controlled by mobile devices. They can produce
hot and cold beverages, from traditional coffee to espresso to iced coffee. It’s like having
your own, private, automated barista, right in your kitchen! And, unlike the countertop
one-cup systems, these appliances are designed with the environment in mind, saving
both water and electricity.

How Are They Installed?

Built-in coffee makers attach directly to your plumbing or to a water reserve. This makes
them extremely versatile because they can be installed almost anywhere, including the
bedroom or family room. It’s important to note that installing these appliances is not a
do-it-yourself project. You won’t find any tips on Pinterest to install your own with leftover
wine bottles, brown paper bags and craft glue – and if you do, don’t try it! You need a
professional to get this job done right.

If you live in the Salt Lake City area, the pros at Complete Appliance Repair are here to
help. They can assist you in choosing the model to best suit your needs, and they have
the expert knowledge and know-how to install your coffee maker or any new kitchen