Hot Kitchen Trends for 2015

The hot kitchen trends this year are all about improving the user experience and increasing the value of your home. The National Kitchen and Bath Association has published its trend report Hot Kitchen Trends for 2015for 2015, and the most popular kitchen color schemes are white, gray, black, blue and green, and the styles are contemporary and clean. Bronze, red and terra cotta are out, as are Tuscan and country or rustic design themes. But beyond color, the top trends are all about storage solutions and, of course, the appliances.

Multiple Appliances

Designers understand that many families, especially large families and those who enjoy entertaining at home, struggle with appliance capacity. Consequently, they’re working multiples into today’s kitchen designs. Dual dishwashers are the most popular, especially the new drawer-style models. Multiple ovens are also popular, with some architects incorporating a set of wall ovens along with 60-inch professional stoves. Finally, people are bringing the secondary fridge in from the garage and adding wine and beer coolers or specialty produce refrigerators to the kitchen.

Open Shelving and Furniture-Style Cabinetry

In lieu of upper cabinets, designers are using open shelving. It opens up the kitchen and creates a more modern look. Although people tend to shy away from open shelving, you can find a way to showcase your beautiful china and glassware and stow the less aesthetic items in closed cabinets below. Islands and wet bars are being styled to resemble furniture rather than traditional cabinetry. Drawer base cabinets are increasing in popularity as well. Drawers offer more flexible and efficient storage with less wasted space than cabinets with fixed shelving.

“Intelligent” Steam Ovens

The first new oven technology since convection and dual-fuel took the world by storm a decade ago, steam ovens are popular for the versatility they offer the home chef. Combine steam and convection with digital technology, and you’re on the cutting edge of appliance trends. Eliminating the age-old problem of dried out food, steam ovens combine heat, moisture and air to produce perfectly cooked food. Steam ovens preserve food’s nutrients too, with some reports showing 22 percent more in foods prepared with steam ovens as compared to traditional ovens.

Flexible Pantry Storage

Everybody wants storage, and lots of it, but no two people have the same kitchen storage needs. The adoption of flexible pantries and other storage space means that all of your small appliances, food and equipment has a home, but when you’re ready to sell your home, your buyers will enjoy the same benefit. If space allows, designers are incorporating prep surfaces, bar sinks and electrical outlets as well as windows for natural lighting. Sliding barn-style doors allow you the choice to shut the pantry off or open it up to your kitchen space.

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