It’s Time for a Spring Air Conditioning Tuneup

Having a spring A/C tuneup is the best way to ensure a comfortable summer. An annual service and inspection will accomplish several important goals. With your AC running its best, you’ll AC Tuneupsave money and keep your cool. Even more importantly, your air conditioning equipment will last longer and require fewer repairs when it’s maintained regularly. You’ll be much less likely to experience unexpected outages too, especially when the temperatures soar.

Why Have an Annual AC Tuneup?

Research shows that having an annual inspection and maintenance service on your AC equipment can reduce system failures by as much as 90 percent and save up to 25 percent on your summer power bills. In addition to preventing system down time, it can provide significant savings in the long run. Catching a small problem during an annual service visit may cost a little money to repair at the time, but compared with having to replace the compressor later in the year, you’ll be ahead.

What Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes

When the service technician arrives, he or she will usually start by checking your thermostat’s operation and AC filters, then check supply and return temperatures. The tech will use specialized equipment to monitor the compressor and fan motor amperage and power draw, and check the level of coolant. Depending on your system and its condition, the technician may clean and lubricate bearings, clean and inspect condenser coils, and inspect and clean valves and the condensate drain. The tech will check electrical connections and look for loose wires or other potential problems too. Finally, he or she will remove any debris and bring to your attention anything that may require further service.

Ways You Can Help Keep Your AC Going Strong

Although having your annual service goes a long way toward keeping your equipment up and running, you can always do things to help. Despite the many new high-efficiency filter styles available today, experts warn against using those that restrict the air flow too much. Choose a filter that will catch as much dust and debris as possible, but that doesn’t make the system work too hard. Newer systems are able to operate using dense filters that remove more particles from the circulating air; however, many older systems are not able to function properly with a lower level of air flow. Ask your technician to recommend the filter that works best for your system’s configuration.

In northern Utah, Complete Appliance Repair provides a full range of appliance repair services and they install, repair and maintain heating and AC systems. They even offer critical air duct cleaning and inspections. If you want to keep your cool this summer, contact them today to schedule your AC tuneup.