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Meet the New Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are the way of the future. The newest component in the smart home technology craze, several manufacturers have now introduced their versions of refrigerators, Smart Appliancesranges and ovens, and even washers and dryers that communicate with you, each other or your entire home. If you haven’t yet seen these next generation appliances, you’re going to be amazed and delighted at what they can do.

Smart Stoves and Ranges

With the new connected stoves and ranges, you can become a celebrity chef in no time. Download a recipe and the range knows automatically what temperature to preheat and how long to set the timer for cooking. Preheat your oven from your car, or play a game or watch a video on the touchscreen while you stir the sauce. Sensors and probes can monitor the roast and alert you when it reaches the perfect internal temperature. Tie your range into the Nest home automation system and it will learn your family’s likes, dislikes and habits. Would you be surprised if your stove sent you an email midday and suggested a recipe for tonight’s dinner, then texted you a grocery list (after checking in with the fridge, of course)?


How helpful would it be to know if your kids accidentally left the refrigerator door open while you were not home? Now you can, with the new smart refrigerator models, sometimes called Internet refrigerators. Communicating through a smartphone or tablet app, they can tell you their temperature and humidity level and let you adjust them remotely, as well as tell you when the water filter needs to be replaced. When you’re at home, a display screen with built-in Wi-Fi allows you to download recipes, play music or watch streaming videos. Sensors allow you to program temperature zones and to notify you when you’re running low on foods such as eggs or milk.

Washers and Dryers

Smart laundry machines are perhaps the wisest of the new appliances. Offering remote start and pause functions as well as auto-delay features, these machines can do your laundry during off-peak power times. Sensors communicate with your phone to tell you exactly how clean your laundry is. You can communicate with your dryer, asking it to do a refresh cycle before you get home. If the wash cycle ends while you’re out, you can call for a re-rinse to run just before you return and switch clothes to the dryer. More efficient dryer cycles that you can control remotely allow you to save both energy and money. And, like the others, these machines work with the Nest whole-home system that allows them to learn your patterns and habits.

In northern Utah, Complete Appliance Repair is excited for the next generation of appliances. Before long, your appliances will send a message to the technicians, explaining what’s wrong and telling them which parts to bring. Until that day arrives, contact Complete Appliance for sales, service and repair, even on your smart appliances.