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Selecting a New Range Hood

Your range hood is one of your kitchen’s true multitaskers. Removing smoke, odors, grease and even excess heat from your kitchen, the range hood not only keeps your kitchen cleaner and Range Hoodsmelling better, it also keeps you from being overcome by fumes. As a bonus, it sheds light on your cooking surface and it may even house that invaluable microwave. If you’re in the market for a new vent hood for your home, read on for some basic information about the different types and features available today.

Types of Range Hoods

Whatever your kitchen configuration and needs, there’s a hood for that. You can select a hood that attaches to the bottom of a cabinet (undercabinet style) or one that attaches to the wall above the stove (chimney style). If your cooktop or range is located in an island, you can purchase an island-style model that attaches to the ceiling. Downdraft hoods, for use with cooktops only, pop up from a concealed location when needed. Finally, low-profile ventilator hoods known as power packs or inserts are designed to integrate unobtrusively into over-range cabinetry, using a flush installation.

Range Hood Ventilation Options

The way your range hood is vented determines, to a great extent, its effectiveness. The most effective models are those that are ducted to the outside. If the duct run is long due to the hood’s location, choose a more powerful model than would otherwise be necessary. If you are simply unable to run duct, non-vented models are available. Whereas vented models use aluminum filters, ductless range hoods use charcoal filters to clean the air, then recirculate it back into the room. Along with the recirculated air comes at least some of the odors and heat that a ducted model would transfer outside. Some models, called convertible range hoods, can be used either with ducting or without.

Range Hood Filters and Features

Today’s hoods offer several lighting options, including standard (incandescent) lighting, LED, compact fluorescent and halogen. Many have an added safety feature that senses heat, switching on the filter fan if the temperature exceeds a certain level, then turning it off again once the temperature drops. The most popular range hood option in the United States is the microwave type, but now you can also choose a convection oven/hood combo as well. Experts agree that combo hoods are not as effective at filtration, but the convenience factor makes this style a good trade-off for many people.

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