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My Dryer Isn’t Drying My Clothes. What Can I Check?

Dryer not drying clothes

Dryer Not Drying Clothes?

If you’ve ever experienced a problem with your dryer not drying your clothes, you know how frustrating it can be. Yes, technically you could hang your clothes up outside or on your shower rod, but we know you are busy. Most days you simply don’t have time to do that! You want your dryer fixed as quickly as possible. When your appliance that is made to dry things isn’t, there are a few things you can check to determine the problem.

Air Flow

Your dryer will not dry clothes if it doesn’t have proper air flow. If a vent is clogged or partially clogged, it will increase your dry time or halt it all together.

First, check the outside vent flap or hood. Sometimes birds or small animals can make nests in the vent. Debris can also accumulate. Make sure the flap can open freely and you feel a strong slow of air coming out when the dryer is running. If you can’t feel air or there is a blockage, clean it out.

You also need to clean the lint filter. Don’t forget to clean out the lint filter each time before starting your dryer. You can also do a more heavy-duty cleaning by vacuuming out the area under the lint filter with a nozzle attachment. In your yearly maintenance of your dryer, be sure to clean the venting system thoroughly. It will help you avoid drying problems in the future.

Check the power

If your dryer isn’t drying at all and isn’t even turning on, you may have a problem with the power. A power issue may have to do with the outlet power supply, a blown fuse or even a circuit breaker. You can rule these out by checking the terminal block. If it’s not burned out there may be a problem with the door switch, thermostat, start switch or thermal fuse.

You may also have an issue with the buttons not fully depressing to make your drying selection. Hopefully this is your problem, because it’s simple to fix. The same goes with a dryer door that may seem closed, but really is slightly open preventing your dryer from starting.

Maintained Ducts

You should also check out the dryer’s duct, the metal hose found behind your dryer. Look for any visible damage like kinks or sagging. You should also check the inside for any blockages. Once it is removed, you can shake it out or run a bunched up cloth through it to remove any buildup. If this part is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

These are a few simple trouble shooting steps you can take to decide why your dryer is not drying your clothes. With many other possibilities as to why your dryer is on the fritz, call a professional to help you find the problem. If you’re looking for same day service with a one year parts and labor warranty, give the guys at Complete Appliance Repair. They are experienced with years of electrical and technical repairs, and can work with both older and newer makes and models. Ditch the clothesline and give them a call today!

How to Troubleshoot a Broken Dryer

Is your dryer broken, or is it limping along weakly? Fortunately, problems with laundry machines are often easy to fix. In many cases, dryer problems are minor and you or a qualifiedBroken Dryer technician can repair them easily. Read on for a list possible causes for the most common dryer problems.

The Machine Won’t Turn On

If your clothes dryer isn’t working at all, it may not be getting power. A tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse are common culprits — a problem you can easily fix yourself.

In other cases, the issue may be the door switch or door actuator lever. Door switches wear out over time and are particularly susceptible to becoming damaged if the door is slammed shut.

Another possible problem may be the thermal fuse. If this internal fuse blows, the main power supply is interrupted. The thermal fuse will only fail if the internal temperature gets too high and the dryer overheats. For this problem to be corrected, the technician must determine and address whatever is causing the overheating.

The Dryer Won’t Heat Up

If a blown thermal fuse is not the problem, you may have a bad heating element. With gas dryers, defective valve coils can cause the igniter to glow and then shut off without igniting the gas, or the igniter itself can burn out or break. With electric models, the heating element may become defective. Issues with any of these parts can make you think your dryer has reached the end of its life, but in most cases, a trained technician can easily install replacement parts.

Laundry Takes Too Long to Dry

If your clothes are taking too long to dry, start by checking for user error. Are you overloading the machine? Have you cleaned the lint filter? Is your washing machine not properly spinning the laundry to remove most of the water? Have you checked the vent tube for an obstruction?
If none of these issues is to blame, the problem may involve the blower wheel. The blower wheel can become loose, which can lead to restricted airflow. If the air is cut off completely, the blower wheel will turn off the heat circuit.

Intermittent valve coils can cause long drying times for gas dryers as well, as the flame may not be properly ignited. Faulty drum and door seals also can result in clothes dryer inefficiency.

In most of these cases, the problem will eventually escalate and the machine will stop working, so don’t delay in contacting us for repair. Complete Appliance Repair, serving Woods Cross, Utah, and the surrounding communities, can quickly determine the source of the problem and have it fixed in no time. Call us today for a free repair estimate if your dryer is broken.