Troubleshooting a Microwave

Troubleshooting a microwave oven can be confusing, to say the least. A mass of electronic components and dangerous electricity, microwave ovens are not generally a DIY-friendly Troubleshooting A Microwaveappliance when it comes to repairs. But before reaching out to an appliance repair service, you can try a few fixes on your own. Often, you may find that the problem is related to user error or a simple tripped circuit breaker in your home. If those solutions don’t work, it may be time to make that call.

Is the Problem Related to User Error?

Even if you’ve owned your microwave oven for years, mental lapses can result in the occasional user error. Check to be sure you have selected the proper power setting and cooking time, and that you haven’t accidentally selected some random automatic cycle setting that’s messing up the works. Break out your user’s manual if necessary, or find an online version if the book is long gone. Check online appliance forums also, to see if someone else has experienced – and resolved – an issue similar to the one you are experiencing. Make sure the door is fully closed and properly latched, and that the oven is plugged in.

Is the Problem Electrical?

First, to be clear: Electricity kills! Always unplug your appliances before attempting to troubleshoot any problem. To determine if you have an electrical problem outside of the microwave, try plugging it in to a different outlet and seeing if that improves your results. Or, if that is not a logistical possibility, try plugging something else into the outlet where the unit was plugged in. This way, you can identify any possibility of a tripped breaker or blown fuse. Sometimes a microwave on the fritz will cause the breaker to trip. If you have a repeat failure in a second outlet, the oven is likely the problem. If you have a hard-wired unit, skip this step and call a professional repair service. If the problem is with the outlet, call an electrician.

No Heat, No Rotation and “Funny Noise” Issues

A common microwave complaint occurs when the carousel (also known as the turntable) doesn’t rotate. Most often, this occurs when the glass plate is not properly seated on its ring or platform. Some glass plates have protrusions that fit a specific way in the platform. Check to be sure yours is right-side up and properly aligned. If your microwave seems to be working properly but no heat is produced while it’s running, you may have a faulty magnetron, fuse or other internal component. No good can come from trying to repair this yourself, so don’t hesitate to call a professional. If the unit makes a disturbing growling sound, this can also indicate a serious problem. Once you rule out a foreign object trapped under the carousel, it may be safe to assume you have a capacitor problem. Turn the unit off, unplug it and contact a professional before you try to use it again.

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