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How to Fix Washing Machine Problems

When you have problems with your washing machine, you need them solved right away. After all, no one wants to lug the family’s laundry down to the laundromat. Fortunately, Washing Machine Problemstroubleshooting washing machines is generally straightforward, and even better, most problems can be easily resolved by a professional repair technician.

Take a look at these common washer issue to determine what may be causing your problem.

My Washing Machine Acts Weird!

Is your washing machine extremely loud? Does it vibrate excessively or move around as it goes through the cycles? In either case, you may solve your problem by making sure that the appliance is level and stable. It also helps to avoid overloading the machine.

If your machine will not turn on, this could be an issue with the circuit breaker, or you may have a damaged power cord. Both of these appliance problems are easy fixes.

You may have a more serious repair issue ahead, however, if your washing machine will not spin, as this could indicate a problem with the controls or the spin solenoid.

My Clothes Are Still Dirty!

If you have noticed residue on your clothing or inside your washing machine after a cycle, your problems are related to some aspect of rinsing and draining. Residue can be left behind if you overload your machine or use too much laundry soap.

But improper rinsing and draining may result from more serious issues. Your water supply valves may not be open all of the way, for example, or your supply hoses could be kinked. You may have a blockage in your drain hose, which can enable dirty rinse water to back up and remain in the drum of the machine.

If none of those is the cause of your washing machine problems, you may need repairs to the pump or drive belt.

My Washer is Leaking!

When leaks spring from the washer, hose connectors are often to blame. If you see water on the floor, start by checking and tightening the fittings where the hoses are connected to the faucets and to the back of the machine.

Leaks often are caused by worn hoses, which can easily be replaced. Faulty tub and front door seals and bearings can also cause leaking. In that case, you may not be able to do a DIY fix. An experienced appliance repair person can replace leaky seals and bearings.

Like most home appliances, washers are built to endure years of use; however, they do occasionally have issues. Fortunately, most are quick and easy to repair. If you need help with any home appliance problem, contact the repair professionals at Complete Appliance Repair in Salt Lake City. We can quickly troubleshoot the issue and recommend the most cost-effective course of action. Call us today for help with all of your washing machine problems.