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Soon, Smart Wall Ovens Will Rule the World!

Wall ovens have been around since ancient Greece, about 800 B.C. Thanks to the rapid advances in today’s technology, we think the ancient Greeks might be impressed with today’s Smart Wall Ovennew generation of smart ovens.

You have no doubt heard of smart thermostats, smart cars and smartphones. The smart oven, however, may be one you haven’t heard of before.

What Is Smart Home Appliance Technology, Anyway?

This term is used whenever advanced technological components assist you in using your appliances or devices.

For example, a dishwasher might sense the level of soil on the dishes and activate a more vigorous scrub cycle in response. Your microwave may be able to determine how large, heavy and frozen your hamburger package is, and run an appropriate defrost cycle.

Some of today’s new generation of refrigerators have the ability to inventory your food and tell you when to throw the eggs away or what to buy at the market.

But the intelligent ovens we’re about to describe make all these features look like your grandma’s appliances.

What Features Make a Wall Oven Smart?

Whether you’re a gourmet home chef or someone who burns water, these innovative appliances have something to offer you.

The new generation of intelligent ovens all feature state-of-the-art TFT (thin film transistor) LCD touch screens, providing a clear and readable display that uses little power.

Most brands have a built-in self-monitoring feature that alerts you (and in some cases, the manufacturer) when a service issue is detected. This way, when the service technician arrives, he or she will already know the diagnosis and have the correct parts on board.

Most models allow you to access them remotely via smartphone, tablet or computer. If you forgot to turn off the oven before you left home, no need to turn around the car. If you want to have your oven preheated when you arrive home, simply tap a button.

The newest generation of smart ovens offers some pretty impressive features.

Advanced Technology Takes Cooking to New Heights

Menu-driven interface systems can literally walk you through the steps of preparing most any dish. Many models have hundreds of pre-programmed selections as well. For example, tell your smart oven that you want to cook your standing rib roast to medium rare and you’d like it ready at 6 p.m.

Your oven will weigh the roast, set the correct temperature, monitor the process and have that perfectly cooked slab of beef ready and waiting at the appointed time!

The Dacor Discovery iQ series offers a 7-inch display that’s designed to look and operate just like your tablet. You can access the Internet to find recipes, watch Netflix while you make dinner, or switch on Pandora for background music while you eat.

The Miele M-Touch Contourline model has a water reservoir that allows you to release a burst of steam into the oven. If you’re a bread baker, you understand how amazing this is! It also has a feature that removes moisture from the oven, for crisper pizza crust.

Complete Appliance Repair, serving the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, cares for all types of ovens, even the not-so-intelligent versions that most of us still own and love. If you’re ready for new home appliances, we can sell, service and install whatever you like. Give us a call today and see if one of these smart wall ovens is for you!

Double-Stacked Wall Ovens

Wall ovens were all the rage during the 1950s and 60s, but fell out of favor in the latter part of the 20th century. They have begun to regain popularity, however, and for good reason — you Double Stacked Wall Ovenmay want or need the flexibility of a double-stacked wall oven or some alternate configuration thereof. These appliances also have some drawbacks, which you can evaluate based on your needs and available space. Depending on your cooking needs, you may also consider adding a warming drawer to your kitchen.

Why Wall Ovens are Gaining Popularity

One of the reasons people love wall ovens is that they put your food at eye level while it cooks. Likewise, you don’t have to bend over to haul heavy pans out like you do with a range oven. If you cook together with friends or family members, there is no need to fight for space around the ovens and cooktop. The most obvious attraction is having a second oven, something that many large families and burgeoning chefs require. Even if you don’t need two traditional ovens, you can purchase wall-mounted oven-and-microwave combos, freeing up counter space and eliminating the need to have a microwave/range hood combo.

The Downside of Wall Ovens

Cost is definitely a consideration when weighing this choice. A standard slide-in range is less expensive than a cooktop and double oven, but high-end ranges can easily compete in cost. The other complication is installation and cabinet configuration. If you don’t currently have a wall oven, cabinet modifications will be required. If you plan to replace your cabinets anyway, the cost will be approximately the same whichever way you go. If you need to remodel your existing cabinets to accommodate wall ovens, however, you may run into added expense and potentially have trouble matching the old cabinetry.

Consider a Warming Drawer

Many home cooks want a second oven because they use it for keeping food warm or for warming dishware. If that’s true in your case, consider adding a warming drawer (or two) instead of a second oven. This holdover from the past is also making a huge comeback in modern American kitchens. Some models offer a wide range of temperature settings, allowing the warmer to do double duty as a low-and-slow cooking appliance. Warmers are also available with convection, which is highly effective at keeping food warm for hours without drying it out. Warming drawers hold food at a sufficient temperature to prevent bacterial growth without overcooking, which is often difficult to achieve with your oven.

In Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas, Complete Appliance Repair offers appliance sales, installation and service as well as HVAC services. Contact them today for advice and an estimate on adding wall ovens to your kitchen.