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Why Are My Stove Indicator Lights and Dials Not Working?

Your stove indicator lights serve several important functions. When you turn the burner dials on your stove, the lights alert you to the fact that heat is flowing — or at least that’s what they’re Stove Dialssupposed to do. But what if your range lights and dials aren’t working properly? It’s inconvenient, sure, but it’s also potentially hazardous. If someone doesn’t realize that a burner has been turned on, or if the burner heat level can’t be controlled by the dial, it could result in injury or a house fire. Problems with the range indicator lights or dials often can be easily fixed, however, if you determine the cause of the problem.

Bad Indicator Bulbs

Just like any other light in your home, indicator bulbs can burn out. Replacing the bulb is the obvious solution when a light fails to work, and in some cases, this will resolve the problem. Older stoves may utilize incandescent bulbs, which can burn out after a few years. More modern ranges use LED bulbs, which may last for up to 50,000 hours before requiring replacement. Regardless, changing the bulb could be an inexpensive fix for your stove light problem.

Faulty Control Switches

Each burner on your stove features a control switch attached to its dial or knob. Called the infinite switch, this part regulates the heat level for the burner based on your chosen setting. If one of your burners only heats to one temperature or is stuck on high, you may have a problem with the burner control switch. The infinite switch also may be to blame if one of your burners won’t turn on at all, or if the stove indicator light doesn’t come on when the dial is moved. If the switch is faulty, it must be replaced ASAP, before you use that burner again.

Wiring Problems

If one of your stove lights is not quite as bright as the others, a connection issue could be the cause. Wires connect the burner control dial to the indicator light, and if they become loose, the light can become dimmer. Wiring issues may also be responsible for causing the indicator lights to remain on when the burner dial is switched to the off position, or to blink or flicker while the burner is in use.

Understanding the problem with your stove lights or dials is the first step in taking care of the issue. In many cases, however, these aren’t do-it-yourself fixes. Rather than risk injury or fire, contact Complete Appliance Repair, serving Woods Cross, Utah, and the neighboring communities. Their professional technicians can repair your range in a snap, or if you’re ready for a new stove, they can help you with that as well. Contact them today if you’re having problems with your stove indicator lights or burners.