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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips for Preventing Frost Buildup

Performing some simple refrigerator maintenance can save you the time and trouble of dealing with frost buildup later. Plus, you’ll extend the life of your refrigerator and help it run Refrigerator Maintenancemore efficiently. Follow these quick and easy tips and your fridge can be frost-free and running smoothly for years to come.

Keep it Clean

If you have frost in your freezer or refrigerator, your first step is to remove it. You can accomplish this by gently chipping away at the ice, but it’s safer to use a hairdryer to melt it. Once the interior is frost-free, you’ll want to give it a good cleaning with baking soda and warm water. Be sure to completely dry the surfaces, or the remaining moisture will start a new layer of frost.

Typically, your refrigerator funnels condensation through a drain hole into a drip pan. Clean this area as well to keep new frost from accumulating. If the pan is empty, it may indicate a clog in the drain, in which case it’s time for a service call. Also, vacuuming the condenser coils regularly can help keep your appliance running more efficiently.

Keep the Doors Closed

Every time your refrigerator or freezer door is opened, warm air enters, bringing moisture that could turn into frost once the door is closed. So, of course, refrigerator care involves keeping the door closed as much as possible. But closed may not be good enough if your seals aren’t tight. As part of your refrigerator maintenance, take a look at the outside edges of your door to be sure the gaskets are completely flat. Any small rip or gap can let warm air into your fridge. Seals can also dry out over time and become brittle. Check them periodically and have them replaced if you spot any damage.

Keep Food Stored Properly

Regular maintenance should include checking your appliance’s thermostat. Frost can build up if the temperature is set too cold for the ambient temperature of your house. Keeping the refrigerator at about 40 degrees and the freezer at about 0 degrees usually works, but adjust the thermostat if you notice frost accumulating.

A proper temperature is essential for storing food safely, but that’s not the end of the story. Every food item in your fridge should be wrapped or tightly sealed to prevent food’s moisture from escaping. Not only can moisture cause frost buildup, it can also cause freezer burn on your leftovers. Just as important, always allow foods to cool off before putting them in the refrigerator. You don’t want your fridge to work extra hard to cool these foods, and hot foods can cause more moisture accumulation.

Implementing these simple preventive techniques can help keep your refrigerator frost-free and in great working order. For repairs and maintenance, call Complete Appliance Repair, serving customers throughout the greater Salt Lake area. Let us help you with all of your home appliance needs, including regular refrigerator maintenance.