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New Microwave Oven Gadgets You Should Try

Perhaps your new microwave is the centerpiece of your kitchen, or maybe you’re still using your 1995 behemoth workhorse. Either way, you could probably use some helpful tools to get Microwave Oveneven more out of your favorite appliance. Good for more than just nuking food, some new microwave accessories can help you do practically anything with this appliance. Read on to find out about a few of best new gadgets for your microwave.

Rice Cookers

Your microwave can help you to make a tricky task like cooking rice easy. Microwavable rice cookers let you zap your rice so it comes out perfectly. You literally just have to set it and forget it until you’re ready to use the rice, and best of all, it can cut cooking time in half!

Egg Boiler

Today, you can choose from several gadgets that will boil eggs to perfection, all in your microwave. Just make sure to search the Internet first for what not to do when cooking eggs in the microwave.

Bring Home the Bacon

You’ve conquered the eggs, now what about the bacon? Cooking bacon on the stovetop can be a tedious — and dangerous — endeavor. You risk burning yourself with the violently popping grease or setting fire to your kitchen. Sidestep all of those dangers by buying a bacon rack for your microwave. It’s easy to use and a whole lot less messy. Experts say it’s even healthier for you than frying!

Popcorn Popper

You can forget the chemical-ridden commercial microwave popcorn and pop that corn like you used to when you were a kid, but with a little 21st century flair! You can buy special popping containers that pop corn without the bag. It’s as fun as it is yummy!

Get Chipper

You can slice potatoes (or other vegetables) and turn them into a healthier chip for you and your family, all with your new microwave. It’s fun for the entire family and a healthy alternative to the salt- and fat-laden snacks found on store shelves.

Mac Daddy

Are you sick of waiting for water to boil, then waiting for the macaroni to cook? Commercial microwave mac-and-cheese products are expensive and full of nasty chemicals. All of your problems are now solved because you can buy a rapid mac cooker that will quickly turn out perfect macaroni and cheese!

Veggie Steamer

Steaming veggies just right is a bit of an art form, but you can take the guesswork out of it with a microwave veggie steamer. Some models feature multiple compartments too, so you can prepare your fish at the same time.

Under Pressure

It’s a rare kitchen that has a pressure cooker these days, but you can bring back this healthy way to prepare meals with your very own microwave pressure cooker. With this handy gadget, you can cook most anything in a fraction of the time it would take to cook the traditional way.

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