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Tips For Lowering Laundry Costs

If you’ve been wondering how to lower laundry costs, the answer is not to buy your supplies at the dollar store. In fact, that could very well sabotage your good intentions. In today’s economy,Tips For Lowering Laundry Costs families try to save wherever they can. If it seems like your washer and dryer run nonstop, read on for some helpful hints to increase laundry efficiency. If you can find ways to make the process easier and more effective, you will save money as a natural result.

Improving Your Approach to Washing

Research shows that your washing machine runs most efficiently with full loads. So, unless you have delicate items or items that are prone to color bleed, don’t hesitate to mix up loads to fill up that tub. A full load means you use less water, energy and detergent per item, and that means more efficient laundering. Except in the case of highly soiled items, use cold water for both the wash and rinse cycles. Today’s detergents are formulated to be effective in cold water, so why waste the money to heat it? You can also use shorter cycles and still achieve clean clothes. Use a pre-treat or stain remover on any major spots, rather than subject the entire load to an extra-arduous go-’round. Another benefit is that your clothes and linens will last longer. Buy name-brand, good-quality detergents and additives and use the amount recommended by the manufacturer for best results and lowest net cost per load.

Ideas for Improved Drying Habits

Before placing wet clothes into the dryer, shake them out thoroughly. This helps avoid a wadded up item that will hold in the moisture and come out a wrinkly mess, but it also cuts down on drying time. Be sure to thoroughly clean the lint filter between each dryer load, and even once during a cycle if you’re drying items that have excess lint, such as fluffy towels. Experts recommend removing items from the dryer before they’re completely dry. This reduces running time, which saves energy, cuts down on wear and tear on the dryer and extends the life of your clothing. The small amount of moisture left in the clothes will evaporate quickly and you’ll never know the difference.

Rethink Your Perceptions and Habits

If your family is putting full sets of clothes in the hamper one or more times a day, it’s time to have a family meeting. Unless an item is noticeably soiled, smelly or stained, there is no reason it can’t be folded and put back in the drawer or hung in the closet. Many people (and especially kids) admit to throwing things in the laundry basket to avoid putting them away.

Consider assigning family members various laundry chores, so they have the opportunity to see the amount of work, water and supplies that go into doing just one load. When you buy clothing, look for quick-drying fabrics. These items don’t require machine drying or (usually) even line drying. If you use your clothes dryer to de-wrinkle, consider using an iron or clothes steamer, or simply hang the item in the bathroom while you shower. Laundry machines are two of the biggest energy hogs in your home, so reducing their use whenever possible will put more money into the family bank account come year end.

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Laundry Hacks, Tips and Tricks

The Internet is rife with laundry hacks, DIY stain removers and homemade laundry detergent recipes. Many of these simply don’t work or can damage your washing machine and ruin your clothes. Some surprisingly simple tips and tricks, however, do Laundry Tips & Trickswork .Always be sure to follow manufacturer’s laundering instructions and test any alternative methods on an inside hem or other unseen portions of the fabric before using on a larger, more apparent stain.

Stain Removal Using Items Found in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a great resource for creative laundry solutions. For many stains, a strong solution of table salt dissolved in hot water works as well as bleach. Apply white vinegar or lemon juice to stains prior to washing or create a paste from baking soda and water and apply to the stain. For sweat stains, moisten with warm water and shake meat tenderizer on. Allow the item to sit for 30 minutes then wash as usual. Club soda, salt and milk are all effective treatments for red wine stains. Blot a lipstick stain with white bread and launder normally to remove the stain.

Safer DIY Alternatives to Bleach

Chlorine bleach is harsh, toxic and can cause negative skin reactions. As an alternative, mix 1 part 3% hydrogen peroxide to 15 parts distilled water and add lemon juice (about 3 tablespoons per cup of peroxide). Use this mixture in the washer just as you would bleach or use in a spray bottle for other household cleaning tasks. To replicate the bleaching properties of oxygen-type cleaners, mix 1 cup water with ½ cup hydrogen peroxide and ½ cup baking soda. Soak your laundry in this mixture for 2 hours then wash as usual.

Use the Sun to Get Laundry Even Cleaner

One of the best laundry hacks is free and readily available: the sun. Wash your stained item as normal then, while it’s still very wet (remove the item right after the rinse cycle if possible), hang it in the direct sun for several hours. For particularly stubborn stains on white items, apply a little lemon juice or white vinegar before you put it in the sun. After several hours, you may be surprised to find the stain has literally disappeared!

If you have ongoing problems with stains or other laundry challenges, the most likely culprit is your washing machine. A well-maintained washer will remove most stains during a normal wash cycle. Contact your local appliance repair professional and have them take a look if you think your normal cycle isn’t cleaning your clothes the way it should be. With your laundry machine in good working order, you may not need any laundry hacks to get your clothes clean and looking sharp!