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Top Signs It’s Time to Replace the Dishwasher

How do you know when it’s time to replace your dishwasher? This workhorse in the kitchen has an average life span of nine to 10 years, according to appliance repair experts. Read on for Dishwasherthe top six signs that it’s time to consider a dishwasher replacement.

Poor Draining

Do you see water standing inside the dishwasher tub at the end of its cycle? This can indicate that the drain is cracked or so worn out that it is actually crumbling. Dishwashers work hard for your family on a daily basis, so this type of deterioration is normal. The biggest risk is that water can leak out onto your kitchen floor. This can cause flooring and cabinets to warp and potentially even lead to structural damage, especially if you have a basement.

Cracked Tub

Do you see cracks in your dishwasher’s tub, also called the shell? This compartment keeps the water and soap inside the dishwasher. If it cracks, moisture and detergent can leak out, potentially damaging the dishwasher’s motor and electronic components. It also can allow water to leak onto your kitchen floor. At the first sign of a crack, call your appliance repair professional to determine if the machine is worth repairing. The problem — and chances of damage — will only get worse with time.

Damaged Latch

Do you have trouble getting the dishwasher door to latch properly? This can be a major problem. Most dishwashers won’t start if the door isn’t closed correctly. The problem usually starts with resistance when you try to shut it. As soon as you notice a problem getting the door to catch, request a service call. The longer you struggle with the latch, the greater the chance that the door will warp. When that happens, you must replace the dishwasher immediately.

Unheated Water

Do your dishes feel cool right after going through a wash cycle? This can mean your thermostat isn’t working. The water must be hot enough to efficiently clean and sanitize the dishes. You can ask your repair tech to determine if it is worth replacing the heating system. In most cases, it is more cost-effective to invest in a new dishwasher.

Rust on the Bottom

Have you noticed rust on the floor of your dishwasher? This means that water is collecting there. You can double-check by sweeping beneath the dishwasher and checking for rust flakes. When you see signs of rusting, it means your dishwasher must be replaced soon, before the rust eats right through the bottom.

Poor Energy Efficiency

If your dishwasher is more than 10 years old, you will be money ahead by replacing it with an Energy Star model. This rating indicates that the appliance has passed a number of tests for energy efficiency. For example, newer models use just 5.8 gallons of water for each cycle. Your old dishwasher probably used 10. New models are whisper quiet, while old ones can be obnoxiously loud. The newer models clean much more effectively than older ones and have better insulation, preventing heat and steam from escaping into the kitchen.

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