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Can Convection Ovens Make You a Better Cook?

Convection ovens are better, according to many culinary experts. Both professional and home cooks alike love the uniform results and the quicker cooking times. If you might soon be in the Convection Ovenmarket for a new range or stove for your home, consider making the switch to convection cooking. Following is a look at some of the benefits of convection ovens and an overview of the types available.

What Is a Convection Oven?

The science behind a convection oven is how it handles heat. Traditional appliances transfer heat from the bottom element to other parts of the oven. Hot air rises and cooks your food in the process. This works well and has for centuries. But the heat is not even, because as it rises, it makes the top of your oven the hottest spot. In a typical oven, when you preheat to 300 degrees, the bottom rack can be 300, while the top rack is 330. This affects the speed at which food in different parts of the oven is cooked. Convection ovens make heating more efficient by using a fan to move the air around, distributing it much more evenly. The heat reaches all the food on all the racks at the same temperature, so it cooks about 25 percent more quickly. It also cooks more uniformly.

What Does This Mean for the Cook?

Convection cooking offers several major benefits for the home cook. The first is that your food will be done more quickly, which is a real boon when your family is famished. Because your food cooks more uniformly, it also looks better — this is especially noticeable on holiday turkeys. The skin comes out brown and crisp all over. If you are cooking several racks of cookies or biscuits for a school event or a potluck, all of them will be perfectly done at the same time, all evenly browned and delicious-looking. If you try to cook several trays of cookies in a standard oven at the same time, it is common to have some burned and some just barely done.

Cooking is more efficient with convection too, because you can bake a wide assortment of foods at the same time, like potatoes, vegetables and meat. And, because the cooking time is shorter, the flavors are better in many foods. Bakers like the fact that piecrusts are flakier because the steam in the butter is released more rapidly than in a standard oven. You can also save money with a convection oven because shorter cooking times mean less energy used. If you cook a lot, this could make a noticeable impact on your monthly utility bill.

The Newest Convection Oven

Today, manufacturers have begun combining the benefits of convection cooking with steam. This mix of technologies produces a moist heat that cooks foods quickly. It lets you proof yeast breads and pastries like doughnuts and bagels in the oven. Then you can conveniently bake them right away with the touch of a button. This combo oven takes half the time to cook a chicken or pot roast. It is versatile, letting you steam rice and vegetables in the oven quickly, preserving their nutrients. Convection ovens offer major benefits for cooks. You save time and energy, and your food comes out looking more appetizing. If you are thinking of buying a new appliance, it makes sense to check out the convection ovens available.

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