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Your Clothes Dryer Does More than Just Dry Clothes

Your clothes dryer is good for much more than just drying clothes. Employing your dryer to its fullest capabilities means that you can use it to remove static and wrinkles, warm your towels inClothes Dryer cold weather and freshen the smell of your laundry. Following is all you ever need (or want) to know about your trusty clothes dryer.

How it Works

The key to drying clothes is evaporation, the process of turning the water into vapor, and then removing that vapor. A normal load of wet laundry contains nearly 5 pounds of water, and it’s up to your dryer to get rid of it.

The heart of this sturdy machine is a large metal drum with paddles around its rim. Cold air is drawn into the machine through an intake. Once the air makes it inside, a fan pulls it toward a heating element. As cool air passes over the heating element, it’s converted into hot, dry air. The drum rotates and tumbles the wet laundry around as the hot air circulates. Once the air cools and absorbs moisture, it’s pushed out first through the lint filter and then through a vent hose that leads outside of your home. Voila! Dry clothes!

Remove Static Electricity

Removing the items from your dryer can be a shocking experience ― literally! You can conquer static electricity a few different ways, however, and even use your dryer to remove the static from your clothes before putting them on in the morning.

Perhaps the most popular approach is to use dryer sheets, but you probably have some alternative solutions just sitting around in your home. For example, ball up some aluminum foil and toss it in with your clothes. Or you can add a quarter-cup of vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser in your washing machine. This will help solve your static situation! Plus, both vinegar and dryer sheets leave your clothes smelling fresh. Or, try some of the new, reusable dryer balls.

Unwrinkle Your Clothes

Sure, you could always iron or steam your clothes, but it’s a lot easier to mist your wrinkled items with some water and toss them into the dryer for a few minutes. This will steam the wrinkles right out of those clothes while you continue getting ready. As a bonus, at least during the colder months, your clothes will be toasty warm when you put them on. Some newer models have a steam feature built in, eliminating the need for spritzing. These models freshen the smell of clothing as well as remove wrinkles.

Warm Your Towels and Bedding

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little extra luxury, especially in the long, cold winter months. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, throw your towels in the machine for a few minutes before getting in the shower. That way, you can envelop yourself in fluffy and warm goodness. You can even throw in your robe for an extra bit of warmth. Tuck your little ones into a toasty warm bed by tumbling their blankets for a few minutes while they brush their teeth.

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