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Why Does My Refrigerator Water Taste Funny?

Water from your refrigerator dispenser is meant to be cold, refreshing and readily available for drinking, and usually it lives up to those promises. Sometimes, however, refrigerator water or Refrigerator Waterice can take on a strange taste or smell. If your dispenser’s water doesn’t taste right, especially if the problem develops suddenly, it’s a sure sign of a problem somewhere. If you’re wondering what’s causing this problem, check out some of the most common issues that may affect your water’s quality.

Permeating Food Odors

Onions, fish, cheese and other strong-smelling foods can be responsible for your refrigerator water’s bad taste. If food isn’t properly wrapped and sealed before going into the refrigerator, the gases it emits can permeate the water, giving it an unpleasant taste. This is especially likely if water sits in your fridge’s reservoir for a long time, as it has more of a chance to absorb odors.

Poor Filtration

If your water doesn’t taste quite right, it also may be an issue with the filtration system. The dispenser in your refrigerator uses a filter, and over time, it may become clogged or worn. This results in impurities in the water, which can make it taste odd, especially if what comes out of your tap isn’t the best to start out with. Most manufacturers recommend changing your filter about every six months, depending upon your usage. After installing a new filter, it’s a good idea to flush the system for a few minutes to make sure that the water is free of compressed air bubbles that can affect the taste. This also flushes out any of the funky liquid that may remain in the lines.

Supply Line Problems

The parts that carry and hold your refrigerator water — the tubing and the reservoir — are typically made of plastic. Plastic in the supply line can, over time, absorb food odors and other impurities, giving off a funny smell or taste. Depending upon your refrigerator model, you may be able to replace the plastic tubing with a copper line. Copper tubing is not as pliable as plastic and can be difficult to work with, but it is a worthwhile switch that will improve your water quality. You may also need to replace the reservoir, as its plastic components may have absorbed odors from the refrigerator.

Any or all of these factors can negatively affect the taste of your refrigerator water, but the problem may also be a more serious one, involving mold or other toxic contaminants inside the line or dispenser. To avoid any potential problems, contact Complete Appliance Repair, serving Kaysville, Utah, and the entire Salt Lake City area. Their professional technicians can inspect your appliance and quickly determine the problem. Contact them today if you notice an unusual taste or smell in your refrigerator water or ice.