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Are Some Appliance Brands More Reliable than Others?

Whirlpool, GE, Kenmore — are these or any other appliance brands more reliable than their competition? Reliability refers to how dependable a particular brand is based upon the Appliance Brandsfrequency or prevalence of necessary repairs, and this is of key importance when shopping for a new stove, microwave or other household appliance.

Before you make your next home appliance purchase, give some consideration to brand reliability.

Reliability across Brand Product Lines

Consumer Reports is well-known for testing product performance and for surveying consumers for reliability data. What they have discovered is that while a few appliance brands may have a lower-than-average repair rates for some models, other products in the brand line may not have the same reliability. In other words, one manufacturer may produce one of the most reliable dishwashers, but that same manufacturer may not have the same success with their refrigerators or washing machines.

For this reason, you’ll have better luck checking the reviews for a particular model rather than only looking at specific brands.

Consumer Reliability Ratings

Customer reviews often can give you an idea of the reliability of a clothes dryer, garbage disposal or other household appliance. Many websites publish consumer reviews, and reading them can provide you with information about the dependability of the appliance you are considering.

This may not always be possible or practical as a means for making a purchase decision, however, as some appliance brands and models may not have enough reviews for you to accurately judge the product’s reliability.

Beware also of the many fake or paid reviews that proliferate customer review sites today, both positive and negative. Take the time to read individual reviews on both sides of the argument to determine what the poor reviews actually concern. Many people post poor reviews of a product even if their experience involved bad customer service or delivery problems.

Appliance Price and Reliability

Conventional wisdom holds that appliances with higher price tags will be more dependable, but this is not necessarily accurate. Some of the most expensive appliances are the most repair-prone, based on today’s research.

Spending more on a high-end washing machine or refrigerator may get you some interesting and useful features that add to the appliance’s functionality, which is why these appliances are appealing to many consumers. But, because these features typically use the latest, most cutting-edge technology, they are more likely to have problems. Some costly appliances simply do not perform well over time and can end up being less than reliable.

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