Tips for Buying a New Refrigerator

If you’re buying a new refrigerator, the wealth of choices available today can be both a blessing and a curse. New technology in home appliances has created a seemingly infinite variety of selections. The model that’s best for you will depend on your budget, available space and the New Refrigeratorfeatures that are most important to you and your family. Whether you are planning a kitchen remodel or it’s simply time for a new fridge, read on for some professional advice on choosing a new refrigerator.

Have a Plan for Your Kitchen

Start with determining your budget. Many consumers make the mistake of putting the proverbial cart before the horse, falling in love with appliances that are not feasible. Determine how much you will spend and measure the space available in your kitchen. Will your space allow for a side-by-side model, which requires extra space on either side for door swing? Is a pull-out bottom freezer more suited to your needs or do you prefer a top freezer, which doesn’t require bending over? Is your kitchen equipped with a water line that will allow for an ice maker or ice and water through the door? Are produce and fresh-food drawers more important, or do you mostly use shelf space?

Research Available Options

Once you have a general direction based on your needs, space and budget, make three lists. Identify those features your new fridge must have, those options you would really like and what your refrigerator choice would be in a perfect world. Do an online search for those models that fall within your budget and space allotment, then start reviewing available features. Don’t be afraid of off-brand models, as long as they are new (not refurbished) and come with a full warranty. Manufacturers often sell the same products to name-brand and off-brand distributors. Read consumer product reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses of different models, but keep in mind that many reviews are “planted” by competitors or the retail outlet itself. Identify your top two or three favorite models, then move to the purchasing stage.

Purchasing and Installing a New Refrigerator

Once you identify the models you prefer, compare prices and logistics. If you purchase locally, will the retailer deliver to you for free? Will they set it up and remove your old model? Will you need to pick up the appliance or have it shipped? A cost-effective insider secret is to select your favorite model with the most inexpensive drop-ship option or drop-delivery option, then contact a local appliance repair service for installation and set-up.

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