Is it Time for Microwave Repair or Replacement?

Calling for microwave repair might be your first impulse if yours goes on the fritz. Before you make that call, however, consider whether it may be time to replace it instead. Microwaves are Microwave Repairrelatively inexpensive, so you may think you should just buy a new one. But then again, repair could be the better option, particularly if yours is an easy fix or if your model will be difficult to replace. Deciding between repair and replacement is a matter of looking at a few key factors.

Common Microwave Problems

As one of the most-used kitchen appliances, the microwave can suffer a lot of wear and tear. Problems can range from something as simple as a burned-out bulb or damaged door latch to more complicated issues like a broken circuit board or a faulty magnetron. (Yes, that’s a microwave part, not a character in a Marvel comic!) Chances are, unless you are skilled at home appliance repair, you may not know the cause of your problem. Many common issues have simple and inexpensive solutions, so it may be good idea to get a free repair estimate from a qualified technician.

When to Consider Microwave Repair

Is your microwave still under warranty? If so, you certainly want to contact the manufacturer for further instructions. If your warranty has expired, take a look at the price of a similar new microwave and compare that to the cost of repairs to decide which option is more cost-effective. Often, small problems can be fixed at a fraction of the cost of a new appliance, especially if yours is built-in. Built-in microwaves can be expensive and challenging to replace, so repair is often the best option for these units.

When Microwave Replacement Makes Sense

Replacing your microwave is the obvious choice if the repair estimate exceeds the price of a new appliance. But you may want to consider replacement for other reason as well. If your unit is over 3 years old, a new model will be more energy-efficient. Or, you might decide to buy another microwave if you discover that newer models have additional features you simply must have. When thinking about replacement, you may also want to consider how much use your microwave gets. If yours takes a daily beating, a new one may be the way to avoid future problems.

If you need help deciding between repair and replacement for your damaged microwave, contact Complete Appliance Repair in North Salt Lake. Our highly trained technicians can troubleshoot your oven and provide a free estimate for repairs. We can also help you weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a new model versus investing in repairs on your existing appliance. Contact us today for all of your home appliance service needs, including microwave repair.