Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Chances are your grandmother dried clothes and other laundry by hanging them out on the line. In the modern world, we have the amazing invention of the clothes dryer. Whether you have an electric clothes dryer or a gas model, you can keep your machine working perfectly and avoid dryer repairs by performing just a few simple maintenance tasks.

Dryer Lint Can Be Dangerous

The accumulation of lint can restrict airflow in your dryer. Lint build-up can rapidly heat up, washing machine and blue skyand fire can be the dangerous result. Clean the lint filter after every dryer cycle. Use your vacuum’s crevice tool regularly to clean under the filter. Purchase a long-handled vent brush at the hardware store and use it to pull accumulated lint up, where you can vacuum it away. This maintenance will save energy and reduce dryer cycle time as well. Replace your lint filter immediately if it becomes worn or damaged.

Cleaning the Dryer Vent Tube and Cap

Vinyl dryer vent tubes (the white kind) do not meet current safety standards and are no longer safe for use in the home. Replace your dryer vent tube with the aluminum type (silver) immediately if you still have a vinyl one. Once a year, remove your vent tube and replace it or thoroughly clean it, pushing lint to the outside. Check the vent cap regularly (typically outside the house), and clean it with a vacuum followed by an all-purpose household cleaner.

Gas Dryer Maintenance

Follow the instructions listed above for your gas dryer but, because a gas dryer typically runs hotter than an electric model, be especially diligent about keeping your machine lint-free. Contact a professional dryer repair service for annual maintenance service.

Proper Use of Your Clothes Dryer

Using your clothes dryer properly will extend its life significantly. Ensure that dryer loads are run at the lowest practical temperature for the briefest period necessary to dry the clothes. (This will help both the dryer and your clothes last longer.) Don’t overload your dryer; your manual can provide you with the specifications. Finally, consider a switch from dryer sheets to liquid fabric softener as this will result in less build up and quite possibly softer clothes.

If you take care of your dryer, it will take care of you. Should you find yourself in need of a clothes dryer repair or a new dryer, contact your local appliance sales and repair service to determine the best course of action. An appliance repair professional can also perform periodic maintenance on your dryer, repairing or replacing parts for your model that requires attention.