Why Do My Clothes Take Forever to Dry?

You put your laundry in the clothes dryer, rightly expecting it to be done in an hour or so, yet when you come back to unload, everything is damp and the appliance is still running. Or the Clothes Dryerdrying cycle finishes, but you need to run it a second time for the towels or linens to fully dry.

Why is your dryer taking such a long time to successfully complete a cycle? It could be one of a number of issues.

Lint Buildup

You must clean the lint filter after each dryer cycle, as buildup restricts airflow and causes longer dry times, but did you know that you need to wash this filter periodically as well?

Along with lint, fabric softener residue can accumulate in the filter. At least once a month, remove your dryer filter and wash it with warm, soapy water. Allow it to dry thoroughly before returning it to the machine.

It’s also very important to have a professional clean your dryer’s ductwork at least once a year. Over time, lint buildup can create a blockage in the ducts and venting hose, reducing the rate at which your laundry dries.

Door Seal Damage

When you close the door of your dryer, its gasket seal keeps cooler air out of the drum while keeping the hot air inside.

Without a proper seal, your clothes dryer can’t maintain the correct temperature needed to ensure optimal drying times. If your clothes take too long to dry, check the door seal for signs of damage or wear. A torn or dried-out door seal is a quick and simple repair for an experienced technician.

Mechanical Issues

If lint buildup or a damaged door seal aren’t responsible for your lengthy drying times, you may have a mechanical problem.

If the blower wheel is not firmly attached to the drive motor shaft, this can reduce airflow to the drum. A heating element that is partially or completely burned out also can result in a prolonged drying time.

In rare cases, you may have a faulty thermostat or sensor. With a heating element or thermostat problem, the dryer will not reach the appropriate heat level to properly dry the laundry.

If your drying cycles seem to be taking longer than usual, you’re wasting energy as well as your time. Contact Complete Appliance Repair, serving Bountiful and the greater Salt Lake City area, for a professional evaluation and repair call. Our friendly, experienced technicians will ensure that your appliance performs the way it’s supposed to, and we’ll have your clothes dryer back to normal in no time.