How Do Cheap Microwaves Differ from Expensive Models?

How do cheap microwaves differ from their more expensive siblings? In today’s economy, no one wants to spend more money than absolutely necessary, so how do you determine whetherMicrowaves you should buy a cheap microwave or if you should invest in a more expensive unit?

Before you go shopping for a new appliance, take a look at these key differences between budget-friendly and higher-priced models.

Size and Power

Cheap microwaves are, for the most part, smaller than their costlier counterparts. This can be a useful feature for cramped kitchens, but the smaller cooking capacity does limit what you can cook in it. If you must have a unit with a small footprint, and you are willing to pay a bit more, you can find large-capacity models that are designed to fit in tight spaces.

In addition to size, less expensive units often have lower wattage than pricier models. Most microwaves operate between 600 and 1,200 watts, with larger units typically offering a power level on the higher end.

It is important to note that inexpensive microwaves with a lower wattage may not cook as quickly and efficiently as more powerful models. Most recipes and foods developed for microwaves require at least 800 watts of power, so keep that in mind when you go shopping.

Additional Features of Expensive Models

These days, many microwaves — even cheaper ones — have simple preprogrammed functions, such as a one-touch popcorn or a baked potato button. More expensive models, however, offer additional features that can be quite useful. One-touch automatic defrost and sensor cooking, which uses temperature and humidity sensors to judge how long food should cook, is available with many new microwaves.

Pricier models also may have a convection feature, allowing cooks to brown and crisp food as well. Some higher-end units also have inverters, which use less energy and ensure more even cooking.

Choosing the Right Microwave

The first consideration in selecting a microwave should be the size. After all, the unit needs to fit in your kitchen. Capacity is also an important factor, as your microwave won’t be of much use if your dishes do not fit inside it or if you cannot cook certain foods that your family likes.

When comparing models, think about your typical usage. If you use your microwave only occasionally to heat up soup or make popcorn, a less expensive model may easily suit your needs. If, however, you enjoy cooking a variety of foods and would like your appliance to be more versatile, it may be well worth it to pay more for some of the advanced features available in the newest microwaves.

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