Appliance Repair Services in Woods Cross Utah

Complete Appliance Repair is exactly what it sounds like: Total repair and maintenance service for all of your appliances no matter the age, make, model or size. Whether homeowners are looking for an expert who is licensed to get their washer back into fighting shape or some routine maintenance for a stove that regularly pulls double duty, your appliances do a lot for you. Isn’t it time you returned the favor? After all, you cannot expect an appliance that works around the clock (like many refrigerators do!) to keep at it without a little TLC.

Refrigerator Repair

“Chilling out” can be a challenge when your refrigerator or freezer is being lackluster. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your food just isn’t as crisp or cold as it used to be. Maybe you’ve had to defrost the freezer one too many times this season. From checking out entirely to catching a small leak, when a refrigerator needs some love and care, it needs it right away. Fortunately, the Woods Cross Complete Appliance Repair team is at your service—with same day service, even on Saturdays.

Washer Repair

Everyone deserves clean, crisp, stain-free clothes, and you depend on your washer to make that happen. However, many times washer red flags are overlooked because these important machines are stored in garages, basements or utility rooms where it is easy to miss the signs of a leak. If you suspect your washer could be doing better, give Complete Appliance Repair a call and restore it to like-new status in a jiffy.

Dryer Repair

Dryers can be a major energy suck and a fire hazard if they are not in premium shape. Like your washer, it can be easy to miss any dryer red flags since “out of sight, out of mind” (until it’s folding time) is a common mantra. However, if you notice any sparks, suddenly high electricity bills, that your dryer isn’t tumbling or the heat controls are out of whack, don’t worry. Just give the Woods Cross Complete Appliance Repair crew a call.

Oven and Stove Repair

From burnt cookies to having just one working burner, there are a lot of elements to a stove and oven—and it can be dangerous when this appliance is not working well. In fact, gas leaks and poor wiring (which causes sparks) can be deadly. Most home fires start in the kitchen, with the oven/stove combo being a major culprit. You and your family deserve an oven and stove that works flawlessly (and makes mouthwatering baked goods on a regular basis).

Dishwasher Repair

Have you been finding crusty food on supposedly clean flatware? How about a suspicious water trail after running this appliance? If your dishwasher is acting up, it can mean major resource waste and less than clean dishes. You shouldn’t have to wash your dishes by hand before putting them in this kitchen appliance.

Repairing an appliance is often quicker and more cost effective than replacing it, but only if you call in the experts right away. The sooner you act, the faster your home will get back to 100 percent “appliance compliance.”