Washer Repair

Replacing Washing Machine HosesYour lucky pair of jeans get a grass stain? Are your yoga tanks a little too ripe? And what are you going to wear for date night on Saturday? Most Salt Lake City residents take their washing machine for granted—until it’s in need of repairs. You only need to try hand-washing an entire load in the sink once before you realize just how dependent you are on your washer, and how important it is get a complete washer repair right away. After all, when your favorite (or only) duvet cover gets a stain or your only winter jacket is in need of a good wash, that’s a job that only a washing machine can tackle thoroughly. Luckily, Complete Appliance Repair and Service is in your corner to keep your machine in top shape.

Washer Repair Salt Lake City Utah

Serving all of Salt Lake City, we understand how important a fully functioning washing machine is. It’s more than keeping your clothes smelling fresh and looking great. Even if your machine is “kind of working,” it might not be functioning optimally. That means your items aren’t getting fully cleansed and irritants like dust mites or germs might be left behind. This can cause serious issues even if you haven’t been diagnosed with allergies. And if your washing machine goes completely on the fritz? Those laundry piles will quickly grow into insurmountable mountain ranges.  You can literally pay for a washer repair with the savings you would have paying for a laundry mat week in and week out.

Washer Repairman Salt Lake City Utah 

What’s Wrong with My Washer?

There are a few common complaints when it comes to malfunctioning washing machines. The most obvious is that it simply does nothing when turned on. It’s not getting power, and that might be as simple as a circuit breaker, lid or fuse box switch. Verifying power to the outlet is step one, but sometimes the motor has overheated or it’s stuck in pause cycle. The lid switch probe might have come loose, or you might have one of those demanding washers that needs a certain water level in order to work. Something as minor as a loose timer knob or mismatched control panel graphics can make all the difference.  Many times your washer repair is simple to fix.

Another annoying issue is a washer that doesn’t agitate or spin—that’s certainly not getting your clothes clean (or spun enough for a dryer). This could be an issue with getting stuck in a soak cycle, a drain pump clog or a belt that has given out. Most main drive motors have two functions: To spin baskets and work as an agitator. A transmission issue might keep the rods from connecting or the clutch might be on its last leg. Getting the right part, whether it’s a spline in the drive shaft or a drive pulley, is key to optimizing your washer, and our technicians have the “connections” to track down even the toughest to find parts.

Whether your washer refuses to drain, won’t move into the spin cycle or doesn’t work at all, it’s a complex appliance that requires expert maintenance. Depend on Complete Appliance Repair and Service to keep you in clean clothes, healthy bedding and to put those laundry piles at bay.