Oven Repair Service

Stove ProblemsYou just spent hours (and plenty of cash) at the grocery store to prepare an epic family meal. Maybe you barely have enough time to whip up a stir fry for a quick meal or you’re racing to get those smiley-faced pancakes for the kids’ breakfast. Residents in Salt Lake City lean heavily on their stove and oven to help cook delicious, healthy meals. However, when one or the other (or both) aren’t working, that can put a serious kink in your plans. There’s only so many microwaved meals and fast food options you can have before you start craving a real meal. You need a Oven repair, and if you’re using the Stove top then you need a Stove repair.

Oven Repair Services in Salt Lake City Utah

Fortunately, Complete Appliance Repair and Service specializes in both gas and electric stoves, as well as ovens, and will get things cooking again in no time—actually, you’ll be the one cooking, but we can get you back behind the burners.

We’ve been serving the SLC area for years, and we know our way around a kitchen. No matter what make, model or year your stove and oven, we not only have the expertise but also access to the hardest to find parts. That means that no matter what’s ailing your “kitchen helper,” we’ve likely seen it before and will get your kitchen back to 100 percent quickly. There are many reasons your stove or oven may be acting up or not working at all. However, with the right licensed professionals in your corner, you’re in good hands.

Biggest Kitchen Complaints about Oven and Stove

Not surprisingly, the number one stove/oven complaint is that nothing works—or it works poorly or randomly. A fuse might be blown or an electrical surge might have toyed with the power supply requiring an oven repair. Fuses are there to protect your appliance, but sometimes they can go overboard and need some maintenance. There might be an issue with cords or wires, or rubber coatings might be compromised. Burned out wires in the terminal block, corrosion (just like with a car battery) or an internal circuit breaker might need some TLC. However, these issues aren’t always obvious even to the most skilled DIYer. A multimeter can pinpoint problems that aren’t clear to the naked eye if you have an electric stove, and this is one of the many reasons you should depend on licensed pros.

With stoves, are you dealing with a burner that refuses to heat or ignite? A defective element, a problem switch or loose connection may be to blame. There might be warping, bubbles or other damage that needs to be taken care of. Perhaps you’re dealing with fully functional burners, but indicator lights have gone out. This can be especially dangerous, particularly for those with kids in the house or if you own a business like a restaurant. Other times, you might be dealing with a non-working oven which operates on a totally different cycle, a broiler on the blink or an oven that works—kind of.

Thermostat problems, oven doors that get stuck closed or open, or a supposedly “self-cleaning oven” that’s become lazy when it comes to cleaning are all common ailments. Don’t try to tackle these yourself. A Stove Repair or Oven Repair is risky, so stay safe and call a licensed expert.