Microwave Repair

Microwave OvenWhether you have Top Ramen every night or a craving for Hungry Man dinners more often than you’d like to admit, we don’t pass judgment. Having a microwave is a convenience nearly every Salt Lake City resident has.

At Complete Appliance Repair and Service, we know that sometimes nothing beats a microwaved bag of popcorn for dinner or some leftover pizza heated up in one minute flat. However, “convenience” can quickly turn into a must-have necessity.

Microwave Repairman Salt Lake City Utah

When your microwave isn’t pulling its weight (or popping the corn), suddenly your precious time is consumed with having to home-cook every meal or heat up the oven for simple warm-ups. That’s when you know you need to call someone for a complete Microwave Repair!

Your microwave is one of the smallest appliances in your kitchen, but it’s one of the most important. It’s what melts your frozen ice cream to the perfect makeshift soft serve. It’s what takes that doggy bag from your favorite restaurant and turns it into gourmet fare, round two. And if you have kids—or a tight schedule—it’s a lifesaver. Complete Appliance Repair and Service gets it. Sometimes, it’s more cost effective to do a microwave repair rather than buy a new one. And you’ll be surprised by how affordable some of these fixes can be.

Repair or Replace?

Unlike other kitchen appliances, like stoves and refrigerators, many microwaves are pretty affordable to buy even brand new. This leads to a repair vs. replace conundrum. In certain instances, it’s cheaper and faster to opt for a repair. For example, if your microwave is part of a matched set above the range, is less than three years old and/or is still under warranty, consider a repair. Also think about the cost and quality of the microwave. If it’s a $60 inexpensive model and you want to upgrade, start shopping. But if it’s a chef-level $500 model, a simple repair might be all it takes.

No matter what, don’t attempt a microwave repair on your own. It’s a complex electrical system, even if it doesn’t seem like it. It’s dangerous to try to fix on your own, so call in the experts. Some common microwave problems include facing a completely dead appliance, one that doesn’t respond to all button commands, no heat (even though it seems to be working), weird noises, fans that don’t work, an unresponsive turntable or a blank display. Some of these issues are simply annoying while others leave you high and dry.

Many solutions to these common ailments are quick and easy for a licensed professional. A damaged cord, persnickety model (sometimes microwaves won’t work if the clock isn’t set—and you may have experienced a brief outage), or a door that seems to close but is still ajar can all wreak havoc on the system. Water that’s leaked into the panel from a recent scrub down might also be to blame. If you’re leaning towards repair over replace, it’s worth finding out just how serious the damage is—it might be simpler than you think.