Appliance Repair Services in Kaysville Utah

When you need appliance repair, everything is not “okay” in Kaysville. The good news is that Complete Appliance Repair is a reliable, locally owned small business who truly cares about the comfort—and cost savings—of their neighbors. Serving the Kaysville area for several years, Complete Appliance Repair works with every imaginable appliance, make, model and year. Whether your aunt’s beloved second freezer is on the fritz or your brand new stove isn’t heating things up right, give your local experts a call for same day service.

Refrigerator Repair

It is tough to stay “cool” and collected when your ice cream has turned into a puddle and your grapes are room temperature. A refrigerator has a big job of working 24/7 around the clock—and it does not get holidays off. This kind of demand can mean repairs are sometimes necessary. No matter what segment of your refrigerator is subpar, whether it’s funny tasting ice or a suspected leak, taking care of maintenance right away is your secret sauce (chilled, of course) to a well-functioning home.

Washer Repair

Stains shouldn’t haunt you after your clothes have gone through that rinse cycle. However, if you notice that your clothes aren’t getting clean, your water bill is skyrocketing or that you’re beginning to think those puddles after taking clothes out of the wash are due to a leak, call your friendly Kaysville Complete Appliance Repair crew right away.

Dryer Repair

A dryer is a major timesaver for many homeowners, but not if it isn’t in great shape. Otherwise, it can be an electricity waster, a sweater shrinker and even a fire hazard. Sparks require an immediate call to Complete Appliance Repair. However, zero tumbling or getting stuck on high or low heat is also a cry for help that needs to be answered.

Oven and Stove Repair

Your top secret recipe shouldn’t involve taking a gamble on whether the broiler will work or which burner will decide to fire up. Keep the secret ingredients for your recipe book, and make sure your oven and stove are the kitchen helpers you need them to be. The most important and costliest appliance in your kitchen can also be the most dangerous. If it is not working correctly, it could mean a bigger disaster than your last attempt at a soufflé.

Dishwasher Repair

Who do you depend on to clean casserole dishes, crème brulee remnants from spoons or cheesy bits from last night’s pizza party? Most homeowners in Kaysville will say their dishwasher—but what if yours isn’t up to the job? Maybe it’s just not cleaning well, it’s leaking or it’s slurping up water like it’s going out of style. No matter what complaints your dishwasher has, you can bet that Complete Appliance Repair can handle it.

Appliances are there to make your life easier, but sometimes they need a little extra attention to do their best work. Routine maintenance and quick repairs are the ticket to appliances that serve you.