Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair Salt Lake City UtahHaving non-working garbage disposal on your hands is a bigger issue than you think. Maybe you’re an avid composter, barely using your disposal at all. However, when it doesn’t work even if you don’t use it often—it backs up water, whether you’re dumping out the remnants of your morning tea or routinely using your dishwasher. And the water that starts collecting in your sink? It’s anything but clean. Leave disposal in poor working order for long, and you’ll quickly face an overflowing, contaminated sink not to mention a nasty smell.

Garbage Disposal Repair Utah

Complete Appliance Repair and Service is “at your disposal” for Garbage Disposal Repair to keep your entire kitchen in working order for homes and businesses within a 50-mile radius of Salt Lake City.

It should go without saying, but don’t try to fix the disposal yourself. It’s something you’ve told the kids time and time again, but if disposal has the ability to grind food into a pulp, it can easily do so with your hand. For tinkers, stick with taking a look under the sink only. Sometimes the disposal just needs a reset and there’s a red reset button usually on the bottom or side of the unit. However, for a more serious repair, it’s best to call in the professionals. Oftentimes, a disposal fix is quick, easy and very cost effective.

Garbage Disposal Repairman Utah

Flipping the Switch!

Few things are as frustrating as flipping the trusty garbage disposal switch and hearing that tell-tale faint hum of the system not working. It might be an issue with a circuit breaker or fuse box—maybe it’s just not getting power. Always check the red reset button located beneath the sink first. That might be all it takes. This can happen if it’s accidentally pushed or if the motor has overheated. The need for a reset can also happen with a jam or if the disposal is left running for too long. A clicking sound while the disposal resets is normal. However, if it immediately pops out again, you likely have a jam. Time to call the Garbage Disposal Repair Specialists!

Disposals are great at grinding up food items, but what if Junior stuck something down there you don’t know about or those leftovers became a little too petrified for even a state of the art disposal to handle? And who doesn’t have at least one spoon or other utensil that’s tried to take on the disposal? Jams are quick fixes that professionals can handle in less than a minute with a simple Allen wrench. Why not just do this yourself? Sometimes the jams require a little more tough love, and this requires delving into the actual disposal with the right tools. A number of hand and finger amputations happen every year by DIY disposal fixes. You don’t want to become one of those statistics.

On the other hand, the disposal may have simply worn out and needs to be replaced and Complete Appliance Repair and Service can install a new one for you. Other problems include leaky disposals from a faulty drain pipe or gasket, or a noisy disposal that might be caused by metal in the system (but not enough to clog it fully). A disposal is one of the smallest appliances in the kitchen, but also the most dangerous. To play on Shakespeare’s famous quote, “though it be but little, it is fierce”—and best left to a professional Garbage Disposal repair.