Dryer Repair Service

Dryer Repair Service Salt Lake City UtahIt’s said that Americans are spoiled. As one of the few countries where many people have dryers to complement their washing machines, there’s no beating warm, fluffy towels or a favorite sweater right out of the dryer. Dryers help remove lint, work wonderfully with your favorite static remover and are a special treat on those chilly winter nights when nothing but sweats straight out of the dryer will do. Granted, Salt Lake County residents aren’t too skilled with hang-drying clothing (and it’s not even feasible given those snow-heavy winters). So what happens when your dryer goes on the fritz? Who can you turn to for a complete dryer repair?

Dryer Repair Services in Salt Lake City Utah

You need fast dryer repair, especially if you’ve been stranded with a damp laundry load in the washer. At Complete Appliance Repair and Service, we understand how frustrating a non-working dryer can be. Our technicians join the locally-owned company with years of electrical and technical experience. Whether you have a “tried and tested” older model or a state of the art energy-saving machine, we’re familiar with all makes and models—and even excel at finding the most difficult to track parts to keep your dryer in top working order.

Tackling the Biggest Dryer Problems

There are a number of reasons your dryer may be broken or not working as well as it should. The biggest complaint? Simply that it doesn’t dry—at all. It doesn’t even turn on. Your dryer might not be getting power, which could be an outlet power supply issue, or you might have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker.

Checking the terminal block is step one in assessing such an issue. If it’s not burned out, the door switch, thermostat, start switch or thermal fuse could be faulty.

Other times the buttons might not be able to depress fully, which can be a simple fix. You might also have a door acting up and, even though it seems closed, it could still be slightly open, preventing the dryer from starting which means a door repair is in order. Simply, if you’re needing a dryer repair the problem could be anywhere, be sure to hire a professional.

Start switches, wires and vents can also be blocked or broken. If the dryer is working, but not heating up, there’s no reason to settle for an “air tumble only” option. There may be something blocking the air flow, the setting might be stuck, or the timer or temperature selection could be causing problems. The heating element requires burner operation, wiring, thermal fuses and igniters to all be in optimal shape in order to work.

Other dryer problems include the drum refusing to tumble, an obnoxiously noisy dryer or clothes coming out wrinkled even if you’re sure you chose the right selection. Belts, pulleys and blower wheels require regular maintenance and could be the proverbial wrench in your wheel. No matter what, don’t take a DIY approach to fixing a dryer—call in the dryer repair experts. One wrong move could make a bad situation worse, and can be dangerous, too. Bad dryer cords are a leading cause of house fires